How to protect yourself from crappy contractors

You must understand that working with a contractor is a business decision, and while it is common to want to be buddy-buddy with your contractor (who will eventually spend more time in your home than do most of your relatives), for the duration of the project it must be business as usual. Below are a few things you should know before hiring your contractor.

1.      What Is THE MOST IMPORTANT Element in Protecting Yourself? 

2.      What Key Elements Should You Have In Your Contract With Your Contractor?

3.      What If Your Contractor Doesn’t Pay His Or Her Sub-Contractors?

4.      How Do You Avoid Getting a Huge Unsubstantiated Invoice At The End Of Your Project?

5.      Worried About Your Project Taking WWAAAYYYY Longer Than It Should?

6.      What if your contractor just isn’t cutting it and needs to be fired?

7.      Does Your Contractor Have His Or Her Act Together?

8.     What Kind Of (and How Much) Insurance Does Your Contractor Have?

9.      Lastly, You Must, Must, Must, Must Check References and Trust Your Gut.

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