It doesn't need to come from a magazine to make you happy!

It has become the social norm to poo-poo images of beautiful, skinny, perfect looking women in magazines and belabor the point that the photos are ‘Photo-shopped’ and manipulated to look amazingly perfect. We educate our youth so they understand that the women in those photos don’t really look like that in real life. The J-Crew covers presenting groups of smiling friends away at a cabin, all sporting hip wool scarves and matching socks do not truly depict how people actual live. We get it.

Why is it then that so many people see images of perfect Living Rooms overflowing with cookie cutter pillows that match the vases, which match the rug, that match the light fixture, and believe THAT is supposed to be the perfection to strive for? The same rules don’t apply for fancy photos of perfect houses, do they?! Literally every house I’ve been to in the last decade has had a coffee machine on the counter, but are those machines that we so heavily rely on every morning ever in the pretty pictures? Nope. I want you to take into consideration that you actually have to LIVE in your house when you are done building it, and it should resemble something that you would WANT to live in, in the first place.

Way too many people believe the true path to adding personal touch to their Living Room is by accumulating vases stuffed with curly wooden sticks or hanging up black and white maps of places to which they’ve never been. Maybe that does bring people pleasure. Hey, who am I to judge. They sure as heck don’t do it for me! I have been in so many homes filled with crazy, strange things, that created the most fascinating, unique, and inspiring spaces that literally made me want to go home and start sketching. So why not go for it? Go nuts! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, like what you like, and ask your architect how she can creatively include your personal preferences into your new space.