Stephanie specializes in writing content focusing on all aspects of architecture, home design, remodel & renovation. Please contact her if you would like her to write for your publication.


Unlike any other guide for construction or remodeling, Stephanie shares not only project challenges but emotional challenges commonly associated with remodeling as well. You will be privy to her 20 years of observations, and learn how others have managed typical stresses, mistakes, and challenges of this complex process both successfully and unsuccessfully. Avoid the avoidable, get inspired, and confidently navigate your way through your remodel to your new amazing home haven.

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  • An Architect in the Audience


If you need architecturally inspired copy to increase brand awareness, inspire buyers, or excite the public about your project, let Stephanie help. Whether it is a restaurant, spa, or office culture, defining a sense of place can inspire new users to give it a try, or keep currents ones coming back for more. Please contact her for rates.


My BLOG is packed with useful information for practical people. This is the stuff you need to know before embarking on your home construction project!