Download these Excel sheets and use them as you see fit. There are some additional instructions and helpful information in each schedule as well. Don’t worry, you won’t be prompted to give me your email, or have to deal with annoying pop-ups by clicking ANY buttons on my website. Peruse away!


plumbing fixture schedule

On your plumbing schedule, you will list every fixture you want to include in your remodel. When you download my spreadsheet, you will see that there are areas where you can make notes of the make/model, the manufacturer, the finish (chrome, nickel, etc.), and a place for extra thoughts and ideas. Include as much information as you can! Don’t forget to think about your entire room when picking a fixture finish. Does the finish match the doorknobs and cabinet pulls? Does the cream sink look okay with the bright white toilet sitting right next to it? I also encourage you to read reviews of low flow toilets, shower heads, faucets, etc. because technology has improved, so many times there is no loss of user satisfaction, and you can save a LOTof money over time.

light fixture.jpg

light fixture schedule

On your light fixture schedule, you will want to include things like make/model, finish, etc. but there is also an area that asks for the voltage. Electricians need to know if something is high-voltage or low-voltage. If you don’t know, it’s okay to leave that area blank. When selecting fixtures, go see them in person if possible. The sizes can be deceiving online. Also ask about the bulb (technically called a “lamp”… I know, it is confusing). You definitely want a fixture that is energy efficient (or has a high efficacy rate). Some codes require that a certain percent of your home’s light fixtures be efficient, and why waste money on energy bills when you don’t have to? Lastly, make sure to ask yourself if you want a dimmer on the light you are buying. For example, you might want your dining room chandelier to be dimmable. Don’t just assume every fixture can be dimmed because that is definitely not the case. A cool light fixture can make a HUGE difference in a room, so have fun with this, knowing you can get a big bang for your buck here!

tile 2.jpg

finish schedule

On your finish schedule, there are two categories to fill out. The top is the actual finish schedule which notes what finishes are on your floors, walls, trim, counters, etc. room by room. The bottom is where you actually list the materials you are using to fill out the finish schedule. There are more directions in the actual spreadsheet. If you want a custom tile detail in your shower or at your vanity backsplash, then add a category for that. Make this your own!


accessories and hardware schedule

On your hardware schedule, you will want to include both hardware and accessories. This is super helpful because sometimes these little details are overlooked. Make sure to notice if the finish you are selecting for the towel holder matches other fixtures in the room like the shower head or light fixture. Also make note of the quantity you might need. For example, you might LOVE a $20 cabinet pull, and if there are only 3 of them in your bathroom, great. However, if you need 45 of them in your Kitchen, you might reconsider. Lastly, remember, one company’s version of stainless steel or chrome might not match another company’s version of that same finish. Look at them in person if it matters.


appliance schedule

On your appliance schedule, you will want to note the make/model, finish, electrical requirement, etc. Make sure to check if there are other requirements like ventilation or lightbulbs, for example. I recommend you don’t do your appliance shopping online. Go see, touch, pull, push, open, close them in person. Appliances change all the time, so don’t assume you want a certain something because your neighbor loved the one he installed in his new kitchen a year ago. It almost certainly won’t be the exact same thing a year later. Also, if you have your heart set on stainless steel everywhere, and you really want everything to match, don’t assume that the Wolf Range stainless steel will match the Kenmore stainless steel. Lastly, if you are on a budget, don’t be afraid of last year’s models, and make sure to ask at your appliance store if they have “scratched or dented” models. These are models that may have arrived with a tiny ding in them so they can’t sell them for full price. This is a great way to get a brand-new appliance at a discount.