The Difference Between Building Permits

Nothing Says Fun Like Building Permits! Do you even need one? Unless you are building a fence, changing out your front door, or painting your house, you will need one of these two types of permits. However, I wouldn’t let the possibility of needing a full building permit deter you from doing the remodel that you want. 

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You Must Learn To Read Architectural Drawings!

Your architectural drawings are your contract with your contractor. They are actually appropriately called Contract Documents. It is SO very important that you are able to read your drawings, but it isn’t easy to do! As a result, many home owners progress into the middle of their construction projects without fully understanding these important pieces of paper. Check these links out for more info!

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Clean out your crap before you bother modifying your home

Seriously, how do you know how much of what type of space you need if you have rooms and rooms full of crap that you don’t even like? Before I remodeled my home, I went through every single item and got rid of enough useless stuff to make the VIP list at my local Goodwill Store. You should too. 

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How to stay within your construction budget

You must plan for the unknown as inevitably there are surprises in every construction project. One of the few things all home owners commiserate about, regardless of whether they have been through a construction project or not, is the idea that projects always go over budget. Want to avoid this? Pick one: Higher contingency or higher architectural fees.

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It doesn't need to come from a magazine to make you happy!

It has become the social norm to poo-poo images of beautiful, skinny, perfect looking women in magazines and belabor the point that the photos are ‘Photo-shopped’ and manipulated to look amazingly perfect. Why is it then that so many people see images of perfect Living Rooms overflowing with cookie cutter pillows that match the vases, which match the rug, that match the light fixture, and believe THAT is supposed to be the perfection to strive for? 

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