Photos: Sozinho Imagery

Metal Fabrication/Design: Two Blue Mules

Leesa & Rob's Basement Oasis

This project started and ended with a party!  The first celebration was to allow friends and family to draw whatever they wanted (I’ll let your imagination take you where it will) all over the old Basement walls that were soon to be demolished to make way for their new fabulous Basement remodel. Leesa & Rob have an adorable house and beautiful yard. They have obviously taken great care in making their home an oasis, and it was only a matter of time before they finally tackled the Basement. Rob wanted the ultimate man-cave and office where he could work from home. Leesa wanted a spa, a second Kitchen where she could do her annual vegetable canning and cocktail experiments, and both love to entertain guests. They took the time to understand their options, prioritize their goals and work through every design decision with their game-faces on. The fabulous details that resulted adorn every surface in every room.