Photo credit: Aaron Leitz
Contractor: Schultz Miller
Design collaborators: Lucas Design Associates


Dennis and Cathy put their full confidence in us. Their directions after seeing only a schematic design concept were essentially to gut their penthouse condo and provide a new floor plan, custom furniture, art and accessories, so that it was ‘turn-key’ when they returned to Seattle. We worked with our contractor and fabricators in many parts of the country, while also fabricating many unique pieces here in our own art studio.  I will never forget the night before they returned. We were doing final touch ups, moving things around, and eagerly sharing what we thought their initial comments might be when they arrive to see their finished home for the first time. Our goal was to provide a unique, warm, metropolitan space that Dennis and Cathy could share with their family and friends. They are not strangers to construction, so when they told us they were thrilled with their new home we could not have received a better compliment.