About to remodel your home? Overwhelmed with the number of design options for your kitchen, bathroom, addition, etc., or not even aware of what your options are? Tired of disagreeing with your spouse/partner over what to include in your project? Want to avoid paying an architect and/or contractor loads of money, only to determine that you can’t afford to remodel?

Let licensed architect Stephanie Wascha teach you how to guesstimate your budget, determine your priorities, and save money by properly preparing for your construction project before you call an architect. You will have many decisions ahead, regardless of whether you are just selecting finishes, fixtures, and décor, adding a deck/patio, or renovating your entire home. Why not make that process easier on everyone?! Learn to stay on schedule, manage your budget, and avoid arguing about things over which you have no control. Additionally, find out what soft costs you should be anticipating... like how much it costs to hire an architect and what that fee affords you. Interested in the secret to selecting the right contractor? Yep, it is all included.

Unlike any other guide for construction or remodeling, Stephanie shares not only project challenges but emotional challenges commonly associated with remodeling as well. You will be privy to her 20 years of observations, and learn how others have managed typical stresses, mistakes, and challenges of this complex process both successfully and unsuccessfully. Avoid the avoidable, get inspired, and confidently navigate your way through your remodel to your new amazing home haven.