ARCHITECTURAL consultation

If you are running in circles, exploring an overwhelming number of remodel or building options, and need some help getting on the right track, a consultation is the perfect solution. It is an excellent way to get your questions answered, determine what is feasible and not feasible, and get some ballpark guesstimates for the various projects you are comparing and contrasting. 


1.       We will setup a Dropbox folder for you to add your project images, plans, photos, and anything else you might want us to look at. In addition, we will send a questionnaire for you to fill out and email you a link to the folder once we are ready to go.

2.       Stephanie will review everything you send, and will then set up a time to meet with you which can happen one of 2 ways:

a.       Stephanie can meet you at your home or project site (preferred if possible)

b.       OR an online call using Facetime or Skype. The visual element of this is preferred over a phone call so you can use your computer’s camera to walk her around your home. It is the next best thing to a site visit and great for those out-of-town projects

3.       If you request any follow-up work like sketches, code research, etc. You will give you a timeline to receive that information after the inital meeting


·         The first hour will be $200 which includes time to review the information you send plus a code analysis

·         Every hour thereafter will be billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $150 per hour

·         Travel time will be billed at $75 per hour

·         Any travel requiring air fare, ferry rides, car rentals or lodging will be negotiated ahead of time, including a minimum fee of $1000 for a 4-hour meeting


You will receive a free copy of Dear Homeowner, Please Take My Advice. Sincerely, An Architect. In it, you will learn how to gather inspiration for your project, organize your priorities, and guesstimate budgets for your projects. If you follow along with the book and do some basic number crunching, you will have weeded out some of your ideas, and we will be able to have a much more meaningful discussion about the specifics of your project. There is great value in doing this homework before we talk, and you will get infinitely more out of the discussion as a result. We love seeing homeowners just like you come to decisions about their future! These meetings are super helpful for you and gratifying for us. We look forward to hearing from you.