Photo credit: Ed Sozinho, Pro Image Photography
Contractor: A.R. Joyce Remodel Inc.
Lighting Designer: KMJ Designs


Toby loves architecture that can tell a story. He gravitates towards reclaimed, found, and modified objects that have a history. Prior to purchasing his Seattle condo he searched long and hard for a loft with the aesthetic of an old brick warehouse to no avail. He didn’t want to lose that vision but knew that we had to appropriately combine that theme with the modern concrete and glass condo he did purchase. We worked together to create a unique space that not only was designed around his initial ideas but was developed further so that it showcased his wonderful art collection and utilized most of his existing furniture. Found rusted steel panels were sandblasted and finished to house his fireplace and television and create a platform for a wonderful commissioned piece of art glass. We removed what was essentially a large framed box around a central column allowing for a much more expansive view and exposing the raw concrete column underneath. Added to this mixture of materials was a sink carved out of a large chunk of the old Seattle Viaduct that was torn down. Part of the sink was left rough and broken while the top surface was cut and ground smooth exposing the huge old aggregate originally needed to hold up that massive concrete structure. It was a pleasure working on this project and we have now moved on to modifications at his home on Lopez Island.