Contractor: Scot Glarson

Photos: Sozinho Imagery


Bill & Stacey came to me fully convinced they would have to add on to their home to get what they wanted. A few small moves made a world of difference, not only to get their desired chef’s Kitchen and new Bathroom, but also to build a large outdoor deck with which to enjoy their amazing yard as well. Their two daughters are grown and have flown the coop, so we shifted the existing Bathroom into their unused Bedroom and removed a chimney to make way for the larger Kitchen. By simply moving a door to an adjacent wall, the Dining Room suddenly had a lot more usable space alleviating the need for the addition all together. Bill and Stacey gave the words sweat equity an entirely new meaning. I would head over to check out the progress and find Bill (who just retired to give you a better sense of the situation), Stacey, or both 20 feet up on a ladder with a can of paint. I also fondly recall how the granite countertops were selected. I took them to wander through the massive stacks of stone at our local stone yard and found Stacey lovingly hugging a massive blue/green slab with a big smile on her face. Who could say no to that!? Stacey’s brother-in-law, Scott, helped guide them through this process and do all of the fine woodwork. He is a true craftsman and really took pride in every detail…even after the millionth tile he cut for the custom Bathroom floor.